-->Lance Rock Records - Immortal Lee County Killers

The Immortal Lee County Killers    "Wide As The Sky"   
LRR 039    7"   

After a Rip Van Winkle lite absence Lance Rock Records is proud to announce the release of something new. A super limited edition 45 by the Immortal Lee County Killers III. Tracks are "Wide As The Sky" b/w "Radio Hearts". These songs are available no where else. The record is limited to one firing day and a mere 400 copies. Pressed in blue wax. It's an uptown jukebox slab that comes in hypnotic blue vinyl and a genuine jukebox strip. Since our Plainsmen friend's were last seen in these parts they have added a third member Jeff Goodwin on keyboards. His affect on the band has noticeable and completely beneficial. It's officially a "good thing". Soak it up. Suck it up.

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